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We engineer the world’s largest beauty tools & accessories product range. 
Our exceptional materials, superior craftsmanship and uncompromising standards
have allowed us to create a line of products that delivers unparalleled results.

Driven by Passion

More than 20 years ago, basicare began its mission to develop innovative stylish and unique value added products with the highest quality standards to make our customers look stunning on the outside and feel just as good on the inside.

1% for the Planet

At basicare we believe that saving our planet takes much more than beautiful declarations.  As a worldwide company we prove our commitment to that goal by being members of 1% for the Planet organization. 

This means that we donate 1% of our basicare Green line gross revenues to nonprofit organizations working together towards a common goal: protecting the future of our planet.


We have over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and an impressive customer portfolio around the world securing our place as a worldwide market leader.

The reason?  Our unmatched capabilities:

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Become a Distributor

Would you like to sell the widest and most comprehensive range of beauty tools and accessories in the world?

Over the last 20 years we’ve been growing our successes globally due to the point of difference we’ve been able to build within personal care categories. Our in-depth knowledge of the beauty industry, combined experience and partnership with leading distributors around the world has built us solid foundations to excel in our distribution.  

Our extensive product range will help you evaluate opportunities within different market segments and retailers to achieve higher productivity and profitability to enhance your business potential.

Partnering with basicare is a guaranteed move to increased volumes, margins and consumer-friendly retail prices through pro-active and market responsive products.

Brand partnership

With our BRAND PARTNERSHIP program, retailers can benefit from our extensive experience developing beauty products around the world.

We will work diligently and professionally to design and produce your new custom items that will unleash your brand potential and will share our vision of excellence. Our development team can help you create an intelligent quality piece utilizing exceptional materials and uncompromising standards.

This is why some of the industry’s most successful brands and most respected retailers put their trust in us and their brand names on our products. 

basicare is our mother brand with a strong reputation built on over 20 years of expertise in the manufacturing of precision, high quality beauty implements. 

Through basicare we offer the world’s most complete range of personal care accessories, that covers Beauty, Manicure & Pedicure, Hair, Bath & Body, Men’s and many other categories under one single and recognizable brand.

Makeup Studio delivers quality, affordable and stylish implements and beauty tools ready for the everyday beauty lover.

Always at top of the latest beauty and fashion trends our Makeup Studio line will fulfill your needs for functionality, style and affordability.

Our cute girl just born!  She looks so cute and stylish!

Rosé is loved by the younger beauty enthusiasts thanks to its cute and stylish design. From a glamorous special occasion looks to the everyday routines, Rosé is your confident partner to help you boost your confidence that will make you feel ready for anything. 

Rosé offers a careful selection of beauty tools essentials that fit together to provide the perfect beauty feeling.

Signature is the sign of excellence. A professional range of beauty tools and brushes designed and manufactured with unparalleled quality standards to endorse your creative passion and help you achieve fabulous results.

Today’s women are turning to high-tech professional style beauty tools to create a salon experience at home. We understand this expectation and Signature is meant to elevate your self confidence to the next level.

Our expertly crafted Signature brushes are made with the latest materials, from high-tech synthetics to the most luxurious natural bristles ensuring fashion-forward and flawless results.

Saving planet Earth is at the hart of our corporate values. We believe that greener products made using renewable, cruelty free, recycled and environmentally friendly materials not only helps to achieve that goal but preforms gorgeously and look just as beautiful as yourself.

Find the 1% for the Planet logo on our basicare Green product range and rest assured that every time you buy a product from us, you are helping to create a better planet for your children.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All our products are subject to the strictest quality controls to assure our customers that they will have truly premium items for their personal care.  We achieve this by fulfilling and adhering to the highest European Certifications and Compliances: SA 8000 “Social Accountability International certification and compliance” and BRC “British retail Consortium” audited.

This is why we are confidently committed to our “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” policy: If you are not fully satisfied with the product you get, we will happily replace the item at no charge.


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